What is a Healthy Body

By Ken D Taylor | Healthy Aging Body

Apr 20

What is a healthy body…
It’s body and mind working in healthy synergy…
Making you look and feel young, and think sharp


"Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health." - Dalai Lama

Most bad and unhealthy habits that set us up for sickness, debilitation or other bad things that just seem to come out of the blue, have become automatic and most often acquired without be aware of it. Well, actually, we may at times be aware of it, but won’t do anything about except say things like, “This is not good. I’ve got to stop (eating junk food, smoking, not exercising-any bad habit)” and then just continue on (eating junk food, smoking, not exercising-any bad habit).

BUT, what if you can become actively aware of the habits you are creating? Than if the habit is making you unfit, unhealthy, wouldn’t it make sense that since you are now fully aware of what the habit is doing to you… you will want to make a change for the better.

Let’s see if we can get our mind and body a little more connected in a healthy way.

I’m sure you’ve heard many times, “a healthy body is a healthy mind”. The two work together in a healthy synergetic way. It seems to make sense that the more aware you are about your body, the more connected your body and mind becomes.

When your body and mind work in healthy harmony, you can do just about anything. And by that I mean, you can start creating amazing healthy habits that really bring out a better looking skin, a more youthful-fun-loving personality, a deeper love and appreciation for life, loved ones, and most importantly…yourself.

The result, a healthy aging body as opposed to an unhealthy aging body.

To start off your quest for a healthier body, let’s define what an ideal healthy body weight is. It’s when your body finds the healthy weight that you have maintained with a consistent healthy habit of eating right and exercising right. Your body will naturally want to maintain this wonderful healthy environment for it to function with pep and vigor. Now the ideal healthy body weight for you may take some time. It all depends how much over or under weight you are now.

There are a number of ways for finding how your weight compares to healthy weight. They will be explored in more depth. The easiest way right now is to measure your waist and measure your hip. If there’s a big difference, noticeable if you have a beer gut, than you need to see a doctor and start a healthy building regime.

Another way is using BMI, but it does have some caveats, it can be effectively used by athletes, pregnancy, or folks who have any kind of a chronic illness. Plus, there are variations to consider between, children vs adults, males vs females, western cultures vs asian cultures. Again, this topic will be explored in more depth.

A healthy body is treated and thrives by doing the following things:
Sleep more often

It’s the only time your body can do a full recharge on all cylinders. Make this a habit and you’ll wake one morning and see that your dark circles around your eyes are gone and by-golly-by-gum you’er up-ready-and-rarin to go.

Snacking and eating, start off with one of your favorite fruits or vegetables and a glass of water

Imagine this, your body has just been introduced to a wonderful taste of papaya along with a glass of water. How do you think your body will thank you? How about with a more recharged, reenergized, refreshed feeling. And get this, as long as you eat healthy 90% of the time, hey, that pizza, that ice cream that makes up the remaining 10%, shouldn’t affect you. If it does, than you’re finding your health – unhealthy boundaries.

Do some exercise that develops strength and stamina

Pumping iron or pumping your own body weight (my preference), will help make your muscles thicker and stronger. Muscles will help you burn fat because muscle tissue burns a lot of calories. Also, you’ll have more stamina to dance all night, climb stairs, play with your kids all the while being less likely to get an injury.

Live back in time equals a new young frame of mind

Listening to songs that you grew up with, watching movies that you enjoyed when you were younger, surrounding your work room, or any room in your home with memorabilia from the past will help your over-all health with better memories and a higher happiness level.

Mix up your routines so the routines don’t mix you up with boredom

Instead of a walk, why not jump rope, try going to a new place. It’s fun to discover what’s in your neighborhood. Do you like to hum or sing to yourself? Change your mantra once in awhile. Small but pleasant changes in a routine gives your mind a refresh.

You got to create your own Pollyanna moments

Turn negatives into a positive. Make it a game. Make it fun.

Folks who live as critics, negative-down-n-outs are setting themselves up for some nasty health problems when they get older, like cancer, diabetes, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s.

It’s amazing, how connected the mind is to the body. Keep the faith. It’s so simple. We were given the freedom of choice the freedom to decide how we want to react to what life throws at us.

Here’s an personal example. My father had passed away a number of years ago. Mom and dad they were best friends for over 50 years.

Soon after dad died mom came to visit me here in Japan. Our travels took us to a comfy Ryokan (Japanese style inn) alongside a lagoon. In the morning when mom and I were drinking tea overlooking the peaceful lagoon, there was always a bird soaring, floating outside our window. Mom always believed it was Scott, my dad. In fact, many places, from mountain tops, cliff tops there was always that one bird, and mom felt assured it was dad’s spirit.

For 9 years she always looked for a bird that would be soaring, floating within her view. When she passed away, it was sad, but it was also a celebration, at least in my mind, for now there are two birds soaring, floating in my view whenever I travel to mountain top, a cliff top or by the waters edge. Yes, I could choose to mourn my loss of her passing, in fact, I did, but I also choose to rejoice in the fact that she was, once again, with her best friend, my dad. I know this to be true, because after her passing, I found dad’s shirt that was under her pillow where she slept and wept for her other half for over 9 years.

I believe it’s very healthy for us human folks to realize within our mind, we have the freedom to choose. Yes, it’s good to choose to mourn. Yes it’s good to choose celebration, Irish to it all the time. It’s all up to you. The kind of person you are, the emotions you experience, or emotions that you you must tolerate, in some way can be channeled by how you decide you want to experience emotions of the moment; decide how you want to tolerate them, is within you. The choice is God given to all of us. And there are numerous stories of how the human spirit decided on how to overcome the oppression, negative emotions confronting the individual.

Two of my favorite inspiring stories

Viktor Frankl, surviving the German Holocaust-“Man’s Search for Meaning”- Wikipedia.org-Viktor Frankl

Madam C.J. Walker, an amazing story of a lady becoming the first African-American millionaire- Wikipedia.org, Madam C.J. Walker

The answer to "What is a healthy body?" is starting with a great sense of optimism that will empower you with more positive energy, that in turn will get you motivated to doing more youthful-like activities that promotes healthy aging.

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