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By Ken D Taylor | Healthy Aging Body

May 01

Why a skin care routine is so important and...
What you need to start doing


The daily exposure to sun and wind overtime will make your skin lose it's ability to naturally regenerate and remain youthful looking. This decreasing loss in the ability to regenerate healthy skin will vary from person to person. However, making skin care routine a daily habit is really making an effort to keep the regenerative forces within you strong enough to make your skin healthy, with a nice glow all through your life.

Your first step towards working on a great skin routine is to take a look at your environment, the way you live, where you live. In addition, you need to consider your age now and what skin type you are along with changes that have occurred over time.

This is very important! Your first step needs to include seeing your doctor or a skin specialist (a dermatologist). This way you can rule out whether you have any skin disorders or allergies that you need to consider. Plus, the doctor can give you access to special medications that will help your serious skin care routine.

Next up, researching, experimenting, and finding the right healthy-skin-lifestyle and skin care products that enhance your body's natural skin regeneration system. This could be a little daunting at first. There's just an overwhelming amount of products available.

PRODUCT RESEARCH TIP! Apply a small amount on a small part of your skin, not the face. If you have a bad reaction or it just doesn't seem to apply itself to your skin, than you can cross-out that product off your list. Somehow, I think you knew this already. Just making sure. 🙂

Okay, now that you have found a product for your new daily (or often) skin care routine, it's time to cover some good practices.

  • Make sure you read the instructions..And follow those instructions first before following these good practice tips.
  • When you're using a moisturizer it's more effective when you apply it when your skin is wet.
  • Again, when applying a moisturizer, apply in an upward fashion. Like from hand to shoulder; feet to torso. This will help make the product penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Another obvious good practice. Always remove your make-up before going to bed.
  • Make sure your skin in thoroughly cleansed every time you're about to apply a moisturizer or make-up.
  • Using more doesn't always mean your skin will become better. You maybe wasting a lot of your skin care product if you use too much. Remember, it's not so much how much, but how often-that's what a serious skin care routine is all about.
  • Learn to do whatever it takes to get the most out of your skin care product. Things like re-applying if you've been excessively perspiring.

Now that you have a daily skin routine. Here's a few more ideas to help you keep your skin regenerating in a healthy way.

  • Get in the habit of using gloves when you have to wash or do any kind of cleaning that involves the use of detergents. Prolong exposure to using detergents can really do a number on making your hands look and feel old.
  • This also goes for men who work with paints, thinners and other strong chemicals. If possible try to limit the contact with these chemicals or wear some kind of protection.
  • Never use cheap products. Enough said about that.
  • Start with the mind-set that "less is more". For example, if you're one of the folks that need to do skin exfoliation, than do it over longer time intervals. See how your skin reacts over time, before starting out with shorter time intervals only to find out that you're damaging your skin.

As you can see, healthy skin care routine with the goal to enhancing your body's natural regenerative powers is mostly all about being aware of your skin type and condition, the environment that your skin has to deal with everyday, and the way you treat your skin.

Then all you have to do is decide what products, what habits you need to do on a daily basis to make your healthy-skin lifestyle a healthy, glowing lifestyle for your skin.

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