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By Ken D Taylor | How to Age

Apr 20

Decide to be healthy today and... Start enjoying the benefits of healthy aging


All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given us - Gandalf "The Fellowship of the Rings"


How to Choose to Live Healthy

Being healthy is all about how you choose to live your life. It's a day-by-day, moment-to-moment decision to live a healthy aging lifestyle-a lifestyle that is healthy in all areas of your life.

Ask yourself these questions.

What is the best way to decide to be healthy and once I decide how should I go about it?

First of all, it is important that you decide which options are best for you. Try them out. If something is not working, stop doing it and try something else. 

You need to find the harmony of your being, that is, you need to find the healthiest living lifestyle that will bring you the most benefits of becoming healthy and in turn age in a very healthy way.

The mindset to be healthy will help guide you, inspire you, and help you follow through on your journey to a healthier aging. There are all kinds habits that shape the lifestyle you’re living now. Embrace as many healthy habits as you can. The more you make healthy aging habits a part of your daily living, the better chance you have for aging in a healthy way. And hopefully, you’ll experience fewer out-of-the-blue aches, pains, and nasty days of sickness.

So what are some healthy lifestyle habits you can try-out?
  • Eat not to dullness, drink not to elevation - Benjamin Franklin. In a word, moderation. Don’t pig out, well, at least keep it to a far-n-few times. And go easy on the alcohol. This may be hard for some of you. However, alcohol in moderation is really a major health habit to work on. Your liver will thank you for it, in fact, many parts of your body will reward you with a natural feel-good feeling.
  • Having enough money saved for emergencies, or a financial need. Learning to live within your means, getting in the habit of paying yourself first. Getting out of debt and staying out of debt has got to be one of the best feelings. I know, because I’ve been in debt for too long and when I finally got free, WOW! What a feeling. Life seems to open up more opportunities of enjoyment.
  • Learn to hum to yourself, to smile, to be happy. “Easier said than done,” you say? It’s again, what you decide to do. You can decide to be grateful for what you have, no matter how little it may seem at this moment in your life. Every moment spent in gratitude will fill your life with more moments of happiness. Happiness that adds a little more good health to your days.
  • Take time to bond with your family, be a part of your community. Making time for your family, or if you live far apart, making time to connect with a call creates lasting bonds. Doing something that involves being part of your community gives you a sense of civic pride. Just be careful with the time you give to your community. You can do more damage to yourself and loved ones by doing too much as opposed to not doing anything at all.
  • Take a more active role with your health. For example, knock off the nicotine, or at least try to cut back. And then try to cut back some more, you know, take it one step at a time. You fall down. No big deal. Stand up and keep on trying. You only fail when you give up. Falling down and getting back up is not failing. Please check out this website for more about your health and ways to create habits of thinking and changing the way you do things. It's a journey you should enjoy.
  • Choose the kind of supplements that help you get healthy, and stay healthy.. Here at Healthy Aging Habits, I take a very special, high-quality supplements. I love them! And I swear by them, well, swear in a good way that's approved by all mothers.

The supplements are from Xtend-life (link will send you there if you're interested in learning more).

What can Xtend-life supplements do?

They can help you age healthy, give your skin a younger look and feel. For men, turn your sexual health back to when you were a "young buck". Give you more energy, vitality, and help sharpen the brain.

This is why I use Xtend-life...

I'm 65 in 2014. My cholesterol is perfect. I've got energy to burn from when I wake up at 5am, go for a 20 to 30 minute walk and continue on with my day. Yes, I love to take a nap for about 20 minutes around 2pm, that's just the way my clock works, and after that I'm good to go.

My mind is pretty sharp, I can often easily learn and remember new Japanese words. I rarely get colds, the flu or any other kind of McNasty thing going around making folks sick. I did say rarely. When I do catch a cold it comes and goes pretty quick, about 3 to 4 days.

Shipping is free for orders over $60 to any where in the world. They offer a FREE Loyalty Program where you just "check" a box to sign up. You'll get 10% discount on all future orders and a special THANK YOU bonus on your second order.

They have a lot of great information on health issues and of course, very healthy natural ways to deal with these health issues.

Click here for the supplement that will improve your health, your mind, your skin, and for men, your sex life!

If you can start making any of the above a healthy lifestyle habit, that’s GREAT! If not, don’t worry. This site will be researching and gathering the best information to help you start creating a lifestyle of healthy aging habits that in turn will help you age in a healthy, lively way that is most fitting for you.

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