What is Healthy Eating

By Ken D Taylor | Healthy Aging Body

Apr 20

A healthy mindset…
A healthy amount of motivation…
Along with some nutritional savviness…
Is what healthy eating is all about.


Yes, there can be problems trying to eat healthy. Keeping track of home, work, kids, family and friends, it’s so easy to order pizza, grab a take-out, or go out for dinner. But you have got to realize, if you eat food that lacks the all important nutrients, you can expect to feel nutrient deficient. You’ll make yourself feel out of sorts with health issues that just keep coming, one after another–overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, with a little osteoporosis thrown in.

A good place to start improving your eating habits is to take a serious look at your lifestyle.

A healthier eating lifestyle starts with a mindset and motivation to eat what’s right for the body. For example, one way to promote a healthier lifespan would be to eat less, eat more often, you know, like a Hobbit. Hobbits eat 6-meals a day, if I remember correctly, they live very healthy lives for a very long time. Of course we’re not Hobbits, but there’s no reason to not be able to live healthy for all our days or at the least, most of them by eating less, and eating more often.

Now following along with this idea of eating less, and eating more often, is knowing that all foods of equal calories are not equal in extending your body’s expiration date.

Want to see a match-up? Here you go...

Enter your text here...

Weighing in at 100 calories in the unhealthy corner is 2 regular Oreo cookies.

In the healthy corner at 100 calories is 4 cups of cherry tomatoes.

Let them come out swinging for the healthier life extension award.

And the winners is… 4 cups of cherry tomatoes!

To sum it up. Unhealthy, weak-growing 100 calorie foods show up as small amounts compared to healthy, strong-growing 100 calorie foods (weak-growing 100 calories: 2/3 of a single serving bag of potato chips compared to strong-growing 100 calories: 3 cups of air-popped popcorn).

As you can see calories play an important part in your diet. Here’s another take on why working with calories is important. Let’s say each day you happen to eat 100 calories more than you normally metabolize. This will add an extra 10 pounds for you to carry around along with having to shop for larger size clothes by the end of a year.

A simple daily calorie guesstimate formula:

Folks who sit around most of the day multiply your weight by 14.

Folks who are both sedentary and up-and-about and consider themselves moderately active multiply your weight by 17.

And finally, folks who are on the move and exercise regularly multiply your weight by 20.

In addition to healthy eating, is healthy drinking. I’m sure you’ve heard a gazillion times already how important water is for losing weight. Well, here is a gazillion-and-one. Water is the all-in-one agent for keeping your body running healthy, running smooth, and making you feel vibrant. After all, our bodies are filled to about the 60% mark with water. Our blood is about 80% water, which aids in digestion, transportation of nutrients, waste, and other minerals in a very efficient manner, as long as you stay hydrated.

A nifty liquidating fat tip:

In addition to drinking water, I love fruits. After waking up, it’s great to start the day with a slice of watermelon, mango, or papaya.

I love watermelon the best. This fruit really lives up to its name.

Why don’t you try it too. Maybe instead of watermelon you may prefer apples, or melons, or some other kind of fruit.

The key is to enjoy your favorite fruit at the start of a new day. Maybe after a couple of weeks friends will be asking you if you lost weight 😀

This subject is huge and this site will explore more specific habits that promote healthy eating so you may live healthy for all your days. And with that, I’ll end with a quote…

“And when you crush an apple with your teeth, say to it in your heart:
Your seeds shall live in my body,
And the buds of your tomorrow shall blossom in my heart,
And your fragrance shall be my breath,
And together, we shall rejoice through all the seasons”
–Khalil Gibran

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